Covid19 Coronavirus Statement

Covid19 Coronavirus Information for Customers of Crystal Bay Yacht Club and Crystal Bay Beach Club


Update 19th March 2020

Dear Customers,

Covid19 / Coronavirus has been devastating for our customer’s travel plans.    We understand that many of you will not be able to make your reservations and are looking to change dates or cancel.

We are trying to be as flexible as possible with our customers.  If your country is locked down and you are due to fly in the next 30 days but cannot we will happily move your booking to another period in the next 12 months.  There may be a small extra payment to pay if you are moving to peak travel period.

You can please contact us directly and we can assist you.

The good news is that as of today (19th March 2020) there are no cases of the virus  on Koh Samui and not so many cases in Thailand in general.  It seems that for some reason the climate and conditions here are not suitable for the spread of the virus.  Of course it is possible this can change so please keep up to date with the latest news.

If you can make your reservation here we would love it if you can still come.  We will welcome you with a friendly Wai and you can enjoy the perfect weather and beautiful ocean and white sand of our beautiful beach.

We believe our island is a great place to be at the moment.  Hot, humid weather, healthy outdoor lifestyle and clean sand and sea.

For customers who can make it to see us in the next few months.  We have extra special rates for long stay and extensions.  We can offer incredible weekly and monthly rates if you want to see out this pandemic on the beach.

We wish all our customers good health and good luck and we hope to see you in Koh Samui very soon.

Update 30th March 2020

We have Closed Crystal Bay Beach Resort to new bookings for April and May.  Crystal Bay Yacht Club is still open and welcoming long stay guests.  Please ask us directly for long stay rates.
We currently have the restaurant open.  If this changes we will partner with an outside restaurant to provide delivery of food.   We still have maid service twice per week.

Kind Regards,

The Crystal Bay Team